“Hans and his family are on their way to visit his parents. But he provokes an argument with fellow road user Ed, who chases after them seeking revenge.”

A treatment is a detailed plan for a film, consisting of components such as a synopsis, the vision of the producer and scriptwriter, character descriptions, and timings. A good treatment is essential when you’re applying for funds, which is why producers come knocking on our door for translations. We have a trusty team of translators and editors experienced in translating treatments and scripts. Some are scriptwriters themselves, and all know what’s needed to ensure a good translation.

English translation – successful!

Many treatments don’t become films – but Tailgating did, and it’s now in production at Topkapi Films! So, stay tuned…

“Thanks for the last file. That was a job well done, and you’ve managed to deliver the translations very swiftly over the past few weeks.”

  • Marijn, Topkapi Films