BLOC is a creative development company operating at the cutting edge of energy, tourism, housing, and work. We’ve been translating and editing press releases, presentations, plans, descriptions, and publications for them since 2016.

Style guide

We visited BLOC’s office in Rotterdam to discuss the style and tone of voice they wanted, and explored mishaps with previous translators and translation companies. To avoid similar pitfalls, we compiled a style guide including everything they were likely to need in their future copy. To ensure that all the documents are accessible for everyone, we work with the filesharing program Dropbox.

Window of innovation

We translate for BLOC on an ongoing basis. One prominent project we’ve been involved in is the Dutch Windwheel in Rotterdam, 174 metres high and consisting of two bands. The inner one houses offices, apartments, shops, and a hotel, and the outer one is a 40-cabin ferris wheel that will give visitors a new perspective on the region. The Windwheel is an awe-inspiring example of sustainable innovation.