ELLE magazine

ELLE magazine

We’ve worked on various projects for Elle, including a Dutch-English translation of a “bookazine” for Elle Food and Elle Decoration subscribers and 5,500 employees of Ikea’s Dutch subsidiary.

Lots of translators, one editor

The product needed to be inviting and entertaining, and had to be delivered in a short period of time, so we employed a large number of translators. We also used one editor to maintain consistency and liaise with the ELLE editorial team.

The translation was a great success, and we’re happy to have contributed to the book. Klaartje Scheepers, the editor-in-chief of ELLE Food, praised our translation work by writing “never before did IKEA sees such attention to all the aspects of life in- and outside of the kitchen. The department store focusses on healthy and good food, taking into consideration the people, animals, and the environment. We encourage the sustainable expansion of IKEA FOOD.”