Translation of website into German, French and English

We had fun working with PostNL. Their offices are next door to ours, so it was easy to arrange a meeting. We translated product descriptions for their bouquets and the product page for the PostNL Flora shipping platform into several languages. Based on PostNL's requirements, we compiled a style guide for translators and editors to use in order to maintain a consistent style.


PostNL was happy with the product page, which is now on their site in several languages. They now know where to find us and our translators and they regularly hire us for new assignments. Our office staff even received a bouquet delivered to their home addresses by PostNL Flora, so we could see for ourselves exactly what their service entails.

"We really enjoyed working with Het Vertaalcollectief. The translations were accurate, turnaround was fast and they dealt very seriously with our project." - Luuk Wijnhold