Het Vertaalcollectief delivers the linguistic clarity your business requires, whether you're a marketing agency, a media company, a museum or a zoo. Our work is project-based and we do urgent assignments too, but we're also happy to embark on long-term partnerships in which we translate content on a daily basis. Whatever the job, we approach it with the same degree of engagement and positivity.

"The translation looked really good!" - Liesbeth Moeke

"Really cool, received loads of amazing emails and text messages from all over the world about the interview you translated, after Dixon posted it on his Facebook page. I'm really happy the translation was successful and had the kind of nuance we were hoping for :-)" - Olaf Boswijk, founder of Club 11 and Trouw Amsterdam

"We really enjoyed working with Het Vertaalcollectief. The translations were accurate, turnaround was fast and they dealt very seriously with our project." - Luuk Wijnhold

"Our collaboration on Lionel Wendt's Ceylon's book was very pleasant." Nicky

"I was very satisfied with the pleasant collaboration on the book Lionel Wendt's Ceylon." - Nicky "It can be a real challenge to summarize a film or a series in just a few sentences and also pique the reader's curiosity about the product." - F. Wallet

"Thank you very much! I am happy with it!"

"Thank you so much! I'm very pleased with it!" "Your work is really superb. And I mean all the translations you managed to turn around so superfast in the past few weeks." - Marijn Bloemen