Translate white paper

Translate white paper

A white paper was originally a government document explaining how a problem could be solved by a particular policy, technology, or product. To emphasise that it’s neutral and objective, the cover is often white.

What are white papers for?

Today, many businesses produce white papers. These are short documents, no more than about twelve pages long, informing readers about a particular issue and showing that they’re an authority on that subject. So a white paper is also a way to engage customers in the long term: if you share your knowledge without asking for much in return, they’ll see you as an expert and choose your product or organization as a solution to their problems.

Do you need a white paper?

If you’re an expert in a particular niche, why not write a white paper on a common problem in your field and how you’d solve it? This gives potential customers something that can help them, and puts you uppermost in their minds as someone they can rely on.

If you want to reach an international audience, it’s a good idea to translate your white paper. And we’d be happy to help. Our client Sakura Finetek has been developing medical research equipment since 1871, and can rightly claim to be a specialist in this field. We regularly translate their white papers into up to five languages, using professional translators who are native speakers and know the medical jargon. That way, the translations are as good as the originals.

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