Due to the rise of new media it's more important than ever to communicate effectively through language. In 2011 we concluded that the creative industries could use some help in that department. That's why we established Het Vertaalcollectief (The Translation Collective), a dedicated translation agency for the creative industries. Since then many other sectors have found their way to Het Vertaalcollectief too. What began as a start-up has now grown into a well-established, creative and all-round text agency.


Miles is co-founder of Het Vertaalcollectief and the third pair of eyes for all English-language documents. He was raised British, studied History and English Literature at Amsterdam's Vrije Universiteit and has long been actively involved in cultural life in Amsterdam and beyond. Miles also works as a freelance English tutor at institutes like InHolland University of Applied Sciences. As English copy editor he is glad to help you create the appropriate tone in your communications.


Rosy is co-founder of Het Vertaalcollectief and as senior project manager she is responsible for planning and coordinating translation processes. Previously she studied English Language & Culture at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Sussex. Rosy loves copy editing. That's why she also works as a copy editor for Preview film magazine, where she combines her love of movies with improving other people's writing.


Project manager Liza studied Cultural Heritage at the Reinwardt University of the Arts in Amsterdam. Following an internship at a New York gallery and a job in fashion, she joined Het Vertaalcollectief. Liza loves art, photography and sunshine.


Annelieke works, along with Liza, as project manager. She worked at different linguistic institutes and as an NT2 teacher after finishing her course in Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. She loves to-do lists, Excel and has an impressive collection of bad puns. You can make her happy (or bribe her) with a plate of pasta.


Don’t be fooled by her name, as Trudie is not a middle-aged woman. She likes to spend her Friday evenings at the Amsterdam Academy for literary translation, toiling away at literary gems of Russian make. Trudie characterizes herself as “the worst gamer on earth”. However, she has a date with Super Mario every weekend. Her best accomplishment? Trudie has a black belt in karate.


René is a writer and translator. He wrote the copy for this website and translates documents from English into Dutch. He's not happy about his headshot. But he agreed to use it anyway because Rosy thinks it's 'a sweet photo'.


Natasha was born and raised in the UK but has lived in the Netherlands for almost eighteen years. After having spent many years working in international communication, primarily in the non-profit sector, Natasha decided to deploy her experience, skills and talents as a freelance copywriter and translator. As a native English speaker who is also fluent in Dutch, Natasha focuses on more than just words - comprehension can make a world of difference to the context and nuances of a text. Natasha has extensive experience as a writer and translator, especially in the context of strategic, commercial and creative projects.


I have written my first copy on an IBM electric typewriter when I was 13. Since then, I switched to the latest Mac and interviewed rockstars and movie stars, I have written dog food instructions, a weekly newsletter about industrial hydrocleaning, press releases for International events and record releases, a couple of books and countless articles on travel and entertainment for newspapers and magazines worldwide. I mainly translate from English, French and Dutch to my native Italian. One day I will publish my autobiographical collection of shorts stories and poems, but I am still busy writing them!