Do you want your website translated into English, German, French or a different language? Or does your whitepaper need editing? Are you looking for a clever copywriter for your blog? Or a Chinese version of your Dutch screenplay? We're here to help and our translators are at your service.


Translation Translation

Het Vertaalcollectief prides itself in being a high-quality translation agency. We don't deal in automated translations or non-native translators, we prioritize fluent text and cultural awareness. We work according to the principle that two pairs of eyes are better than one, so every translation is checked by a native-speaking editor. We deliver on time and charge fairly. Our project managers are friendly and helpful.

Copy editing

Copy editing Copy editing

Not all writers have their copy corrected, although many of them should. Het Vertaalcollectief has proofreaders and copy editors for all common languages. Copy editing fees start from €0.08 per word. Have a look at our case studies.


Copywriting Copywriting

The story of your commercial enterprise or non-profit organization will only really pack a punch if it's written with authenticity. You feed us your input - which might be a report, an interview or just facts - and our copywriter will turn it into a powerful, original story for your website, your programme brochure or to read aloud to your mother.


Subtitling Subtitling

There are two options for subtitles. We can deliver a stand-alone subtitle file with time codes for your film. A subtitle file can still be edited and is compatible with a variety of video formats. The minimum charge for a stand-alone subtitle file is €75.00. The other option is that we 'burn' the subtitles onto the video. A video containing burned subtitles is a finished product, but the subtitles can no longer be edited. The minimum charge for a film with burned-in subtitles is €100.00. For films lasting longer than seven minutes we will be happy to provide a specific quote.

Book translations

Book translations Book translations

For literary translations Het Vertaalcollectief hires literary translators with a proven track record. For non-fiction we always make sure the translator is someone with expert knowledge of the subject matter. Another option is collaborative translation. This involves multiple translators working on one book with an editor tasked with ensuring consistency. That way the translation can be completed sooner while maintaining quality.


Transcription Transcription

Transcribing is the process of writing down recorded speech, such as a voiceover or dialogue in a film. A transcription is often used as a source for subtitles or for a published version of an interview.