Film subtitling

Film subtitling

Much as we love language, we must admit that a picture sometimes says a thousand words. Videos are an effective way of promoting your organisation or product, and they’re increasingly shared on social media.

But they’re not complete without subtitles, which ensure that potential customers and followers get the message even if they’re listening to it on the train with the sound turned down, or don’t speak your language.  A video with no subtitles is bad advertising.

Different options for different audiences

Whether your video is an animation, a vox-pop interview, or part of an internal training course, the chances are it needs subtitles. And if you’re an international organisation, or have lots of followers who speak other languages, they’re essential.

To complete the viewing experience for foreign-language speakers, you might consider having your script translated and then spoken by a voiceover artist who’s fluent in the language concerned. The Translation Collective can help you find the right solution for your video – and of course we can also subtitle feature films and TV series.

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We know a lot about subtitling

There are several options when it comes to subtitling your video. We can supply a separate subtitle file in a format of your choice, such as .srt, so you can adjust the copy or offset yourself where necessary. Or we can burn the subtitles into the images to create a plug-and-play file that you can immediately share on your website and social media. it’s your choice!

If you’re making a video for your business or campaign, us for a no-obligation quote (click the button below). We can help with translations, voiceovers, and subtitling, and will happily provide a free sample to show you how good we are.

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